February 2008                                   



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  Vietnamese  Traditional  Martial  Arts

        Vietnam, a narrow piece of  land with  few habitants,
 lies right next to a giant  feudal country in  the North,
 which is always ready to annex and assimilate Vietnam
 into  one of its countries.
    With the will of a free independent country and their 
  invincible  patriotism,  the Vietnamese  have developed 
  a strong fighting spirit, which can be seen in the 
  decisive  wars :

   " To escape from the humiliating misery and
      hardships of  slavery.
      They have to win  the enemies "

     Because of these always urgent and real demands for
 the fate of  their  country, more than  anybody  else,
 the Vietnamese researched and  invented  unique techniques
 adaptable to the characteristics of  the country,  its people
 and  to  the level  of  development  of  their  technology,
 society  and economy. Those techniques of combat were
 sufficient  to oppose and  stop the tyrannical  invasion  of  
 foreign  countries. 

      The Vietnamese traditional martial arts which is very 
 rich in forms, was developed  based  on  the   bloody 
 experiences acquired during  the courageous  fights to
 protect their country and  people .

      The Founder Truong thanh Dang spent  his whole
  life to understand, practice, research and   consolidate
 the cultural heritage  and the martial  arts treasure into
 a unique, creative system .

     The school of Binh Ðinh Sa long cuong was formed
 from these  majestic, unyielding Vietnamese martial arts.
     It includes the best techniques of the Vietnamese
 traditional martial arts and the Shaolindo Temple.

     The founder
Truong thanh Dang,  President of  the
  school  had  honored  two  Great Founders :

  1. Great Founder Bodhidarma, Founder of  the 
 Shaolindo Temple, the reknown Chinese  traditional
 martial arts.
  2. King Quang Trung Nguyen Hue, the hero of 
 Tay Son  at the end of the 18th century,  who had
 united the people mobilized the whole country.
       He destroyed any plan to  betray in search of  honor,
 and  expelled more than  200,000 Man Thanh soldiers, 
 marking a glorious episode in the Vietnamese  history .

    With the goals of spreading  and conserving this special
  cultural  heritage  of the Vietnamese, and creating
  a healthy  environment  for  physical  education and
  effective  self- defense  in the daily life, The Binh Ðinh 
  Sa long Cuong, Vietnamese Traditional  Martial Arts 
  Association was formed in March 1998  at  :

                 The  LINH SON  Buddhist  Temple
             4604 DUVAL Rd.
             Austin, TEXAS 78727. USA
             ( 512 ) 794-8998
             ( 512 ) 246-7544


   The  Association is directed by Master Tran phu Huu,
  Goldent Belt 5
th degree of the School  Bình Ðịnh 
  Sa Long  Cuong,  from 1998

        Class schedule :

   Traditional BĐ / SLC :

                Saturday  ( 4:30pm - 6:00pm )


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        Austin Aikido Tenshinkai Dojo is a branch of The 
International Tenshinkai Aikido Federation.
    The International  Tenshinkai Federation is a branch
that is officially recognized  by the Great Founder Morihei  Ueshiba of The International  Aikido Federation in Japan.

    Sensei Dang thong Phong is the founder and Chairman  of  the Federation since 1968. Sensei Dang thong Phong  was  very talented, he has attained high level ranks in   different  martial arts :

        1. Aikido, 6th degree black belt .
        2. Judo, 5th degree black belt .
        3. Taekwondo, 6th degree black belt .
        4. Han Bai Shaolindo, 8th degree  black belt  and 
           also  the Great  Master of  this  school  
           ( 3rd generation ).

       The main dojo of   the  International Tenshinkai
       Federation is currently located  at :

         8536 Westminster Ave.
        Westminster, CA 92683 .
        ( 714 ) 894-1003


     Austin Aikido Tenshinkai Dojo  was started in
November, 1995. This  is a first  branch of the 
International Aikido Tenshinkai  Federation of  Sensei Dang Thong Phong  in  the United  States  by 

Sensei  Tran Phu Huu
  and  Sensei  Nguyen Van Ky Minh Phuong, both  of  them are 3rd  degree  black belt from February of  2003. 

        They  had  practiced and  instructed Aikido for about  20 years and they hope to offer a place of  healthy physical  education  for  Austin  youth.

       The Austin  Aikido Tenshinkai Dojo  is currently located  at :

Aikido  of  Austin
  5501 N. Lamar, Suite C-111
            Austin, TX 78757 . USA.
            ( 512 ) 246-7544



   Class schedule :

         Friday   ( 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm )
          Sunday ( 9: 00 am - 10:30 am